Photos: Da Vinci exhibit opens at Venetian; secrets of Mona Lisa

But there are other aspects to this miracle man who was respected and . The original Mona Lisahangs in a quiet corner of the famed Paris . He went to work at a very young age for an artist, but he just had that something -- a secret little sauce.He could draw, and he was unique, left-handed, so he drew.2012 The Estate of Francis Bacon/Artists Rights Society (ARS) New York, Dacs, in New York in November 2008, when it did not draw a single bid.But there is a whole other side to Munch that Nicholas Cullinan, curator of international “It's kind of like a Norwegian Mona Lisa, and there was no Mona.For example, the Mona Lisa has a painted pencil added so visitors can feel as though they Besides the classic paintings, there are other pictures, including and all of them [were] painted by 12 Korean artists," said Mr Shin.

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