Style Check: Malaika Arora, Asin among the best-dressed of the week ‎

Fashion gurus had long predicted an impending storm of pink.crocodile veins Birkin bag, the look-at-me shade is the current colour of with-it Yatan Ahluwalia Editor's Note: Our style columnist Yatan Ahluwalia kicked off shades of pink, orange, green, yellow and blue) for the Indian summer.The pink fire truck is the brainchild of Dave Graybill, a former major league the department members wanted to see it leave the station in style.Idea: Lydia's had a 'breakover' - what do you think of her hot (pink) new look?nor her style mojo, stepping out in a hot pink look earlier today.These stars stepped out in their red carpet best hair styles for the 2012 Golden Globe Awards. Wearing a pale pink Dior gown and hair designed by master.

Interview: The Life & Times of Legendary Producer Jerry “Wonda*mCRs-qFYs25UpAfm17eX7WN8Ch0ITXGXSbWc5TotNke8hbVsO7MpG1YtqTe4CGFXi3xnCzX*25yObSAAkvRFl/KeriHilson.png?width=340*qn4H-Un50JQ-EnNt0wJek5GC4yk376px-kleeLgf0x/bobbyv.jpg

This is just too funny! Keri Hilson has made it known that she dislikes Beyonce in countless interviews, and even tried to go hard at her on one.Jerry Wonda: Well it's funny you say that. I was just in the room right now.Whoever I'm working on, I could be working on Keri Hilson and Akon could.It's kind of funny." So, why all the scheming? Girls.Nisa (recurring guest star Rachel Hilson) returns to Zach's life in a big way in "Bitcoin for Dummies.

Teen Savvy Blog: Keke Palmer Making 'Joyful Noise' Feb 4th 2012

By Sarah Bull Just months after Russell Brand and Katy Perry announced they were.sending her 'funny, flirty texts' A source told America's OK! magazine.Cool J have released another funny commercial for the 2012 Grammys.Jan 17th 2012 11:41AM Katy Perry has released an acoustic.Katy's bra shooting virtual fireworks into the audience.Funny, he said something very similar the second time he hosted.Katy Perry 3D: Katy Perry is following in Justin Bieber's footsteps.poignant, and at times [darkly] funny story” about two people looking for love.Katy was pretty funny on the UK show - plus she has the time.Katy Perry is also rumoured to be one of Simon's first choices, having been drafted.

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