'Tetris' Trailer: Someone Make This Into A Film, Now (VIDEO)‎

This fake video game movie adaptation just made my day. The "Tetrismovie trailer is mocking the recent movie "Battleship" for being made or for even being.Well, if we can have a Battleship film, why not a Tetris one? Someone's gone and made the trailer for it already.In a world where "Battleship" is a summer blockbuster featuring supermodels and popstars, nothing is impossible. Which is why we really hope.Remember this name: Warialasky. It's the shared name of a trio of Utah County filmmakers who are making a splash with their comic videos on.But what if Tetris attacked you? This horrifying scenario is the subject of a [completely fake] trailer forTETRIS: the movie. In an obvious parody.

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