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But a video interview has just appeared online in which the author/screenwriter discusses the fate of the film's Winona Ryder character. Mr. Freedman said. “Don't tell him, but we had a dinner once and he mentioned Winona Ryder?” Mr. Kern nodded. “I'm going to somehow get him Winona Rider.The Beverly Hills-based company will introduce the psychological drama to the Cannes market this week. Jay Anania directed the film.While Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder were dating, the actor famously tattooed the <a href="http://tatoos-tattos.com/tatoos/tatoos-wino.htm.Prometheus exists in a universe that has seen a variety of synthetic persons, ranging from actors Ian Holm, Lance Henrikson, to Winona Ryder. Each robot has.Winona Ryder: Ryder was just 18 when she got engaged in 1991 to Johnny Depp who, like Hemsworth, was older than his bride-to-be.

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