Jimmy Kimmel challenges kids to spray dad with hose for Father's Day

YouTube video segment from Jimmy Kimmel Live entitled "Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I Sprayed My Dad With a Hose" Read more by William.immy Kimmel, host of ABC's late night talk show "Jimmy Kimmel Live!  the YouTube title, “Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I Sprayed My Dad With a Hose.I have never struggled with my weight because I do eat healthily and eat good food.' hey there!, Ireland, 19/6/2012 21:30  Jimmy Kimmel YouTube Challenge: Spray Dad With A Hose ForFather's Day (VIDEO) Water off a dad's back: Jimmy Kimmel has kids spray their dads with a hosein YouTube .Cannot wait - I have my IMAX ticket booked for 4 weeks today .off a dad's back: Jimmy Kimmelhas kids spray their dads with a hose .

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