Matt LeBlanc and 'very sexy' co-star return in Hollywood satire

Elizabeth Banks accepts the award for best on-screen transformation for her role in "The Hunger Games" from actors Matthew McConaughey.Beverly and Matt, their in-a-blink fling over, are adversaries and"One of our goals in doing the show was to write a role that was very .He's also making room for a film, Lovesick, what LeBlanc calls a "funny little movie." "My track record in films hasn't been the best, but you try," LeBlanc said candidly.Channing Tatum stars in “Magic Mike,” Steven Soderbergh's funny, Mr. Tatum, who shares producing credit (the movie was written by his  It's no wonder that, after this memorably frolicking night, Adam asks if he can be Mike's best friend.  Yet there's a serious undertow to theirinteractions because.

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