Rapunzel, Rapunzel, chop off your hair! Generous schoolgirl

CHANTELLE Beaumont, 14, had never had it cut before and decided to lop it off so it could be made into wigs for children.The real-life Rapunzel also raised a staggering £666 for Portsmouth-based children's hospice Naomi House - an especially impressive amount.
Scientists study creepy CGI characters · Real-life Rapunzel would face a hairy problem · The physics behind the movie magic.Rapunzel of Rio de Janeiro sells her 1.6-m of hair for $9000 Brazilian 12-Year-Old, Is A Real-Life Rapunzel.RapunzelRapunzel, chop off your hair! Schoolgirl cuts hair for first time EVER and  Real lifeaction hero! Hunky Hugh Jackman showcases.

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