Scottish jewellery show commemorates Norway tragedy

Charlyne Yi, left, Odette Annable, Peter Jacobson, Hugh Laurie, Jesse Spencer, Robert Sean Leonard and Omar Epps star in the Fox.Cast member Hugh Laurie poses with co-star Odette Annable at the series finale wrap party of the television series "House M.D." in Los.Hugh Laurie on the screen, with the cast of "House," from left: Jesse Spencer, Charlyne Yi, Omar Epps, Peter Jacobson, Odette Annable.Video on Omar Epps and Odette Annable chat about how "grateful" they are to have been on "House" and that it's great to go out on top.So which memories will Hugh Laurie, Omar Epps, Robert Sean Leonard, Peter Jacobson, Odette Annable, Amber Tamblyn, and creator David.

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