Cool 'Punctirus' Jewelry (9 pics) -

Design concept for Punctirus Jewelry by Art. Lebedev Studio. Be sure to look at the 'process' sketches on the site. I love to see all the sketch. Punctirus jewelry Design Style.Punctirus jewelry. Style | Design ·Punctirus jewelry by Benoit Patoureaux from Art. Lebedev Studio.  This Punctirus jewelry will give you the scissor cutting line on your neck or wrist. It is designed by Benoit Patoureaux from Art. Interesting pieces of art created by Russian design company Art. Lebedev Studio. There's a bracelet and a necklace. Check it out. Punctirus Jewelry. Monday, December 28, 2009 Damn Cool Pics No comments. Interesting pieces of art created by Russian design company.

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