Sarah Backman – Beautiful Swedish Armwrestling Champion

Beautiful Swedish Armwrestler. Thursday, July 21-year-old blond girl from Sweden is armwrestling champion of the world.Beautiful Swedish Armwrestling Champion. July 20, 2012 Cool Images. Meet Sarah Backman. 21-year-old blond girl from Sweden. Meet Sarah Backman. 21-year-old blond girl from Sweden isarmwrestling champion of the world.Meet Sarah Backman 21-year-old blond girl from Sweden is armwrestling championof the world.Sarah Backman recently won the Swedish Armwrestling Nationals! She's now a 11 time national .Hide notes. block 345. edartist: Here's another pic of 6x WorldArmwrestling Champion Sarah Backman. She's beautiful with jacked arms.

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