Amphibious vehicle goes fast on land and water‎

“It's the world's fastest amphibious vehicle on land, it has the ... in Car Buzz talking about hisproject that combines aerodynamics and water-going functionality.The Sea Lion amphibious vehicle can reach 60 mph on water The Sea Lion: the world's fastest amphibious car - Dash - CBS News Project Sea Lion' Boasts World's Fastest Amphibious Vehicle Goes  .One of the world's fastest amphibious cars is for sale.The 'Sea Lion' capable of 125 mph on land, 60 mph in the water .The next chapter of this project is to provide an ultimate engine and begin speed trials," he writes.One noteworthy bit of data is the fact that the two-seater car in its It is said that Porsche is ready to bear all types of costs for the success of this project. Leading automakers of the world have indicated to launch large number of new models in the upcoming years. 2012 Sea Lion - theamphibious car.

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