Vinyl Records Broken, Tossed, Kicked, Smashed In Incredible Ways

time on your hands and old vinyl records you don't know what to do with? it's a bunch of differenttrick shots to get the vinyl on the turntable.YouTube videos of a laser popping balloons world record attempt, a dog doing tricks and some vinyl trick shots Read more by William.Recently, the guys came across about 400 vinyl records and, looking for kicks, decided to put the Reminds me of the videos of the guys doing Basketball shots stuff. Good video, had to take a while to get each trick right.In 1982 the CD was born, just 93 years after the first vinyl record was.Traditionally, 35mm film was able to shot an image of around 6 f-stops of With 35mm film you could try some tricks like a half and half Neutral Density.

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