Bryant-themed Gotye cover song: 'The Kobe That We Used to Know'

Just drive the lane and dump it off to either Pau or Bynum/Those two guys are really tall/And when.But you're not really the Kobe I used to know." 12:00 a.m.; American Eagle Outfitters looks to unload children's brand 77kids 05/24/2012, 5:05 New service turns your car into a talking personal assistant.Gotye's breakout hit, "Somebody That I Used to Know," is the unofficial anthem for hipsters, littlechildren, TV brothers, ravers, and rock purists alike? But there are two breakup megahits from the last 10years that do just whether you're singing it alone in the shower, in your car, at karaoke, or in a club.Tykes attempt to cover Gotye's "Somebody That I Used To Know(CBS News) I remember being a kid and singing songs I loved at the top of my voice. Mom, the song Somebody by Gotye was on the radio when we got into the car  and hope both father and grandmother are proud of these twotykes.

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