Gary Connery in world's first skydive without parachute‎

Man makes parachute-free dive. Thu, 24 May 2012 9:38 AM. A British stuntman became the world's first skydiver to land without a parachute on Wednesday.He has been working on designing a parachute-free landing for years. He's even prevnext.Stuntman makes skydive without parachute in UK.Skydiver eyes parachute-free fall · Wingsuit flyer dives through cave Watch · Record breaking 800m base jump Watch. A stuntman is thought. British stuntman becomes first person to complete 'parachute free skydiveUK stuntmanGary Connery successfully dives 2400ft without.VIDEO: British stuntman becomes first person to complete 'parachute free skydive' - @itvnews. Story metadata: Submitted May 23, 2012, 2:50.

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