Glass Gem Corn, and other heirloom jewels of the corn cabinet

This kid-friendly corn is real and each of the kernels is made from a different colored variety of corn. The photos of the glass gem varietal were.This is Glass Gem Corn. It's a corn varietal with different colored kernels. I would have called it Rainbow Corn myself, but that's just me and I'm.The story of glass gem corn. Seedsman Greg Schoen got the.He left samples of several corn varieties, including glass gem. I grew out a small handful this past. If you've spent any time online in the last week, you might have noticed a striking photo making its rounds. Feast your eyes on Glass Gem corn.Living World | agriculture | No, this isn't Photoshop or a gemstone-studded trinket.Glass Gem' corn, via Seeds Trust. So on Thursday I posted up to facebook the above picture I'd come across of Glass Gem corn, and the result.

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