'Zuckerberg: The Musical' Released By CDZA On Eve

He's been immortalized on the digital version of celluloid. Is set to become a multi-billionaire at 28. And, now, he's the subject of Zuckerberg.The near four-minute Youtube video is shot in one continuous stream, featuring three.Mark Zuckerberg turned 28-years-old this week, his company is about to offer its IPO and now there is a Mark Zuckerberg to keep us laughing.The HinduWatch 'Zuckerberg: The Musical!' [VIDEO]MashableFacebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is having the best week ever. He turned 28.Facebook is going public on Friday and to celebrate folks at CDZA music has written a musical all about Mark Zuckerberg. 'Zuckerberg.

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