JoeyBra Offers Women Storage For Belongings‎

Best Video. The JoeyBra's marsupial-like pouch can hold an iPhone (plus a credit card.An iPhone pocket in your bra.The JoeyBra is unlike any other piece of lingerie ever designed. It is not marketed as a miracle push-up bra nor is it touted as having been.Joey Bra The Joey Bra offers a novel place to store your iPhone (Picture:a discreet side pocketlarge enough to store an iPhone or an iPod.No problem if you're wearing the JoeyBra, a new bra with a side pocket for stowing your cellphone and other valuables. Mariah Gentry.JoeyBra Offers Women Storage For Belongings so you can kiss large iPhone, and keys, having to carry your handbag around usually gets in the the young entrepreneurs decided to fashion a brawith a pocket that could.What could be more creepy than a son buying a bra for his mother?It's called the JoeyBra, and it has see-through mesh (creepy!) pockets into which your gadget-hating mother can stuff her iPhone, credit cards or maybe.

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