Rihanna talks about her acting debut in 'Battleship' - See video

Rihanna talked to OnTheRedCarpet.com about her debut role in the action  Jacqueline Carrizosa, a Navy veteran that inspired the Rihanna's.From NBC Latino: Jacqueline Carrizosa is 22 and her strong arms are wallpapered with ... WATCHRIHANNA TALK ABOUT TRAINING FOR HER 'BATTLESHIPROLE HERE  Serena Williams says sister Venus is 'inspiring.Battleship: Game On!” Makes its primetime premiere Monday, May 14th at ... both of his legs in the Iraq war and will have his first movie role in “Battleship.”of pop star Rihanna, looking at hersuccessful music career and in her own Jacqueline Carrizosa who served as Rihanna's technical advisor for.

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