Video showing lioness trying to eat baby at Oregon zoo goes viral‎

A new video that's gone viral on the internet shows a lioness trying to eat a one-year-old toddler -- Jack. The video was shot at the Oregon zoo.A video showing a lion trying to get to a baby in Oregon Zoo has gone viral on the internet but is the lion just playing, or trying to eat baby Jack?A YouTube trend finds parents sharing videos of the zoo animals new video "Lioness tries to eat baby at the zoo," which went viral on YouTube recently.shows a lioness at the Oregon Zooclawing at the glass and trying.That lioness wants to make you her lunch! Little baby Jack doesn't realize his first trip to theOregon Zoo on April 26 could have been his last.The Oregon Zoo will ban all tobacco products starting May 26.fame earlier this month when video of its “lazy lioness” Kya seemingly attacking a "Lion tries to eat baby Part 1" has been viewed more than 4.3 million times.Lion Tries To Eat Zebra-Striped Toddler At Oregon Zoo (WATCH). A lioness at the Oregon Zoothought she found herself the perfect meal when a Bend family recently brought a baby zebra to her enclosure Toomsboro.

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